10 Inspiring App Promotional Videos


Trailers, teasers, and promotional videos, once exclusively belonging in the realm of movies and video games, are increasingly becoming mainstream in the mobile app marketing world. App developers and brands seeking to stand out in the crowded app stores turn to videos to encourage virality and build up demand and buzz for their apps. And indeed, when done well, a promotional video is an amazing marketing tool. It’s exponentially more powerful than text and images, and can convey complex, multilayered messages in a quick, efficient, and most important – engaging manner.

A good promotional video needs to be short (1-2 minutes max) and simple. It should apply an “outside of the box” creativity and clearly explain the “why & what” of the app – why it is needed and what problem it solves. It should have an appealing call for action neatly integrated into the video. It is well worth spending extra time in the planning phase to find creative new angles and to tighten up the script. A low-budget video with a brilliant, creative idea and neat execution can easily outperform the most expensive, professionally produced videos, and especially once it goes viral…

Here are 10 brilliant app promotional videos to inspire you:

Showcase the UI/UX

One of the most classical app promo formats. This format usually focuses on a hands-on display of the app and showcases the actual app in use on a phone or tablet, so that the viewer can get a sense of the user experience. This low budget format is simple yet effective; it doesn’t use any fancy videography or effects, just some cheery music and lots of close-ups of the app.




Go (Creatively) Low Cost

A video doesn’t need to be expensive in order to be good. With almost half a million views, Tiny Wings’ teaser video demonstrates how a brilliantly executed, low-cost clip can easily go viral. The clever combination of cute music and refreshing simplicity is dangerously addictive.



Adopt the Documentary Approach

The popular documentary approach is an amazingly efficient format for creating inspiring and engaging promotional videos. It is also known as the “pitch format,” as it allow its creators to interact ‘face to face’ with their audience, pitch their product, and leave a warm, genuine impression. The effectiveness of this format, combined with the relative lower costs of production, made it very prominent on crowd sourcing sites.


Make them Laugh

The holy grail of promotional videos is, without a doubt, virality. There is nothing more satisfying than opening your computer in the morning and realizing that your humble clip became viral, to see it popping up everywhere and rapidly circulating between millions of internet users.
There are many ways to achieve virality. The easiest one is probably via humor. Funny, ironic, and self-aware clips are the stuff memes are made from – many of them are actually quite silly and nonsensical. Take a look at these three examples:




Focus on the “Why”

A promotional video can be a great tool to pitch your app and explain to your audience why they need it. It’s an opportunity to both create the need for the app and to capitalize on it. These clips focus on identifying a common issue and showcasing the ways the app can help solve them or at least handle them better.


Appeal to Emotions

When you really want to leave a lasting impression, there’s no better way than to activate emotions. A good emotional video has a way of touching an audience, engaging, exciting, and motivating it. These videos are often more expansive, demanding a tight production, good story, and great soundtrack, but done right they are worth every buck.




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