MobCo’s Guide to MGF London


MGF London, the world’s premium mobile games event, is just around the corner. It will take place in London on January 20-21, and will host some of the world’s leading mobile gaming brands and studios, including Rovio, Kabam, Bandai Nemco, King, WB games, and more. It is well-known for its focus on the executive level and mobile gaming’s most senior stakeholders (in 2015, over 60% of the 700+ attendees were reportedly ‘C-level’ or ‘Founder’). Since the event was launched in 2003, it has welcomed 25,000+ senior decision makers from the entire mobile games ecosystem. It’s definitely the place to be. Other than networking and meeting MobCo Media’s executive members, the conference offers many great opportunities, such as participating in the “VC Speed dating”, the “Next Level Indie Forum”, and the invitation only, exclusive “Icon Membership Club.” MGF also offers many interesting and relevant lectures, panels, and talks by the industry’s leading figures, and can be a great resource for staying up-to-date with the industry’s fast pace and dynamic nature. To help you make the most out of the event, we’ve prepared a list of the most interesting lectures, panels, and talks you shouldn’t miss:


Day 1:


wilhelm Taht
wilhelm Taht


Opening Keynote – Host Studio: Rovio

Although a bit early, it is well worth grabbing a cup of coffee and starting the conference by attending the opening keynote lecture by Rovio, creators of “Angry Birds.” The talk will be hosted by Wilhelm Taht, Executive Vice President and Head of Games of Rovio, who has been pushing for what he calls “ads integration 3.0,” or the seamless integration of in-app brand ads in gaming apps.



Understanding Your Users – Analysis is Key

Mobile and digital advertising’s main advantage over traditional advertising is the use of quantified and verified data metrics. Yet, as any performance marketer and app developer will tell you, data collection is only half the battle. It is the analysis that really matters. This will be the topic of this short panel which will host C-level representatives from Exit Games, Artomatix, and SoftLayer.


Anatoly Ropotov
Anatoly Ropotov


Keynote Presentation Host Studio: Game Insight

Another promising keynote presentation, this time with Anatoly Ropotov, the CEO of Game Insight, one of Europe’s largest mobile studios. Although the contents of the presentation were not disclosed, Ropotov is sure to touch on the company’s “sustainable free-to-play” ideology, and the way it helped them generate more than 300 million downloads to date, and countless of happy and engaged players.



12:00 Green Room  

Data as an Integral Component of Game Design and Maintenance 

Although little has been revealed about the content of the talk so far, it should not deter you from attending because of the little that is known: First, it’s going to be about the use of data in designing and maintaining a game; second, it will be presented by the Chief Scientist of (the) one of the largest, most renowned companies in the field of mobile gaming.


Stewart Rogers
Stewart Rogers

15:10 Black Room

Venture Beat Exclusive: App Store Optimization: Money for Nothing, and Installs for Free

Organic installs have long been the holy grail of app marketing. And for a good reason what app developers would not want an influx of interested, engaged users? In this short presentation, Stewart Rogers, Venture Beat’s director of marketing and technology, will discuss the value and acquisition of these luxurious installs.



maxresdefault16:30 Green Room

Case Study: ‘Rival Kingdoms’ Launch

Simon Hade, the CEO of Space Ape Games, will present a case study detailing the launch of the much acclaimed game, ‘Rival Kingdoms.’



16:55 Green Room

Analysis and Metrics as a Player-Centric Activity

Another important data metrics and analysis panel, this time focused on maximizing monetization practices.


Day 2:


The second day’s main focus is on mobile gaming opportunities in developing markets such as Asia, India, and China.


Robby Yung


Navigating the Asian Mobile Ecosystem 

Robby Yung, the CEO of Animoca Brands, a leading, global brand-based mobile game developer, will discuss the North Asian gaming markets and provide pointers for Western companies looking to successfully penetrate these markets.



Dan Brody
Dan Brody


Keynote Presentation – Tencent

Dan Brody, Vice President of Western Markets at Tencent, China’s largest internet company, will be the second day’s keynote speaker. While the contents of the talk were not disclosed, Broody’s lecture is sure to be relevant for any brand or studio which aspires to penetrate the booming Chinese market.



Arthur Chow
Arthur Chow


The Asian Force Awakens

Arthur Chow, CEO of 6Waves, continues Broody’s theme with an interesting presentation about Asian brands going West and the implications for Western developers’ home markets. Stay tuned.




The Current Mobile Opportunity – Wargaming’s Plan of Attack

Leaving Asia for a bit, don’t miss this multi-talent panel about Wargaming’s global strategy for success.



Best Practice UA Attribution – Measuring the Investment

We already mentioned the importance of data metrics and analysis in successfully marketing your app. Make sure to join Jon Nolz from the attribution giant Kochava, and Ilja Goossens from the leading platform provider, TUNE, along with Mika Kuusisto from Outfit7 (developer of “Talking Tom”) and Ofer Livne from StartUp for a discussion of effective user acquisition attribution practices.


Panel Discussion: Monetization Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2016

Stay on top of things with a review of all things monetization for 2016.


Spotlight on India – the Next Mobile Powerhouse

Going back to the theme of the day, this panel will discuss the emerging Indian market.

Vijayprakash Rangappa
Vijayprakash Rangappa


How to Successfully Monetize Games in Central and South East Asia

Vijay Prakash Rangappa, CEO of the leading gaming company Mobi2Fun, will discuss the Central and South East Asian markets and the best way to penetrate and monetize your gaming apps in these ever-growing markets.




Have any other recommendations for things to do in MGF London? Let us know!