7 Brilliant Mobile Campaigns

With most customers attached to their mobile devices 24/7, they present an incredible opportunity for companies and brands to connect with customers. They are powerful marketing and engagement channels and can boost brand recognition, build customer loyalty, drive sales, and encourage engagement with the app.

Take a look at these 7 inspiringly brilliant mobile campaigns showcasing the power of creative mobile advertising:


SingTel – Movie Emoji

SingTel, Singapore’s telecommunications company, wanted to promote their mobile TV platform which allows smartphones users to watch movies on the go. They launched an innovative mobile ad campaign which used emoji riddles sent via text messages. Users had to solve the riddle and guess the movie title to win a free movie for watching on their smartphone.

The campaign creative use of emoji and text messages stirred social interest and had great results, with 11% reply rate and a 43% increase in video-on-demand viewership.


M&M – M&M Keyboard

Apple’s release of iOS8 allowed users to install third-party keyboard on their devices. Enter M&M Keyboard – an iOS keyboard made entirely of chocolate candies. Each key was assigned a different character as well as a unique click sound (in the form of M&M characters literally saying “click”). In addition, the keyboard allowed users to send animated gifs to their friends taken from memorable M&M commercials.


FootLocker – Shoemoji

Another innovative keyboard, this time made entirely of sneakers. For the launch of Foot Locker’s first retail app, the company created a new kind of emoticons – the shoemojis. The unique set consists of shoe emoticons with over 220 digitally illustrated shoes, all minutely detailed to satisfy the obsessive nature of sneakerheads.

Building on a hugely successful launch, with 150k app downloads and 800k messages sent in the first week, new Shoemojis are constantly being released in line with new shoe releases, driving users back to Foot Locker’s retail app for the update whenever they talk about new shoes.



Lacta Chocolate – Make the Move

Lacta Chocolate, the popular Greek chocolate, in an inspiring campaign, printed unique QR codes on their chocolates wrapping that could hid messages. People could leave messages on the chocolate that could be only read via a QR reader on smartphone. But instead of just producing a demo video to explain it all, Lacta created an original web series. Five 15 minutes episodes were released on Facebook & YouTube in the month leading to Valentine’s day, 2015.

Audiences were hooked by the story, sharing thousands of likes and comments, demanding each new episode to be released as soon as possible. Facebook posts achieved 30% Organic Reach and Lacta’s Facebook page became the No 1 product page in Greece. The videos accumulated 7 Million views in a nation of 5 Million internet users. Lacta Messages usage increased by 179% during the weeks the episodes were launched and exploded 17 times higher on Valentineʼs day, to reach a total of 100,000 messages.


Nissan – Diehard Fan

In a celebration of their sponsorship of collegiate sports, Nissan developed an augmented-reality face-paint app for diehard sport fans. The app layers eye-popping, professionally painted digital designs directly on the face, and allow users to share their game face with their friends as a pic or video.

The campaign had amazing results. It was number one Sports App in the Apple Store within two weeks of launch. It had 100 million impressions, over 35 million facepaints tried in the app, and 3 million photos and videos taken. Users spent an average of 10 minutes on the app, and shared it more than 2 million times.


Sky Go – Sky SQReening

In order to increase awareness to their exclusive live-on-mobile broadcasts of the Champions League, Sky Go screened the league’s top match of Real Madrid vs. Schalke live on public screens all over Germany with an innovative real-time adaptive QR code. The code blocked part of the screen, while at the same time adapting to reflect the area it blocked. Smartphone users were able to scan the large-screen QR code and watch the game live on their phones. They could also share it with friends, who could also watch and share. The results? 1800% higher engagement rate compared to standard QR codes, 94% sharing rate, and 23% increase in sales.


Pedigree – Found

Pedigree, the international pet foods company, with the help of Google, created an app that might make lost dogs a thing of the past. The app allowed dog owners to pre-register their dog. If a dog is lost, a ‘lost dog’ advertisement featuring their dog is created and instantly served across the Google Display Network within a 1.5 mile (2.5km) radius of the owner. A push notification is also sent via the app to other owners have who signed up.

Beyond enhancing Pedigree’s brand awareness, this important app had some great success. It was downloaded by 10% of local dog owners, with 91% creating a profile and registering their dog. But what most important – it already helped retrieving over 105 dogs to their owners.

Blog post originally written for MobCo Media.